Stoltenberg’s New Tesla Leads to Polemics

But in Norway, electric vehicle owners pay only half of benefit tax for having a company car. This situation makes the editor of Nettavisen Gunnar Stavrum react.

– In practice Jens Stoltenberg gets a car valued 700.000 NOK, but will not have to pay benefit tax as if it only costs 350.000 NOK. So it is Arbeiderpartiet paying the car, and that means most of the bill goes to Norwegian tax payers, writes Stavrum.

He suggests that it is not the first time Stoltenberg gets such gifts from his generous employer.

– For his 50th birthday he got a boat valued 380.000 NOK from Arbeiderpartiet and labor union, LO. That time the party removed  350.000 NOK value as gift so there was no need to pay benefit tax. In 2006, he received a Mini Morris as company car while he was Prime Minister and had a limousine and private driver.

The editor claimed that this gives impression that they talk together and fixe these things.

Stoltenbergs says to Romerikes Blad that AP has such regulations for the party leaders.

– And this was the car I chose when I resigned. I believe it was natural to choose an environmentally friendly car, said Stoltenberg.

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