Stoltenberg Asks Jensen to Apologize in Norwegian

While Pogress Party (FrP) is trying to clean its international image, domestic debates around the party continue. FrP’s deputy Ketil Solvik Olsen yesterday met with representatives of the international press to clean up the party’s image abroad. 

The journalists were particularly interested in the word ’sneaky Islmaization’ as Siv Jensen announced in a speech on 21 February 2009.

As an answer to this question, Solvik Olsen said he regrets that they began to use the term. After the meeting, current prime minister and Labor Party leader Jens Stoltenberg said to TV2 that he is not satisfied with Olsen’s words. He believes the inventor of this term apologize in Norwegian.

– It is reasonable that a particular politician in the party must regret the wording of a leader. But when he choose regretful words in English, it must be possible for her to do it in Norwegian, says Jens Stoltenberg.

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