More People Think Norway’s Next Prime Minister to be the Conservative Leader

Nine months before the general election, a new survey shows the bourgeois parties in opposition(Høyre, FrP, KrF) receive 58.4 percent of votes,  while the coalition parties get only 38.2 percent support.

In the poll TNS Gallup conducted for TV 2,  the opposition parties have acquired such a clear superiority for the first time since this summer. Accordingly, the bourgeois parties  have a solid advantage securing 100 seats. 

The survey additionally asked the respondents who will be prime minister after the general election. In response, 63.8 percent said Erna Solberg will take over the post from Stoltenberg, while 34.4 percent said they think Jens Stoltenberg will keep his position. 

When TV 2 did a similar poll in May, 52.4 percent believed that Erna Solberg would be prime minister of Norway after the election.

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