Conservatives and the Progress Party Increases Vote

Accordingly, Høyre receives 28.5 percent, while the Progress Party’s vote is 19.5. The two parties would be two seats away from a coalition, if the parliamentary election were held today. 

On the other hand, governing party, Labor (Ap) decreases 3.7 percentage points to 30.5 percent. The other coalition member, Socialist Left Party (SV) also decreases by 1 percent point to 4.6 percent. However, Center Party, (Senter) is the only government party which showed progress. The party increases its support by 1.1 percentage points to 5.1 percent.

For the other parties support level: the Christian Democrats (KrF) 5.4 (-0.6), Left(Venstre) 4.6 (+1.3), Red (Rødd) 1.2 (-0.2).

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