Stoltenberg is Optimistic for a Third Election Victory

The new poll, done by TNS Gallup for TV 2 , shows an increase by 2.5 percent for Ap. Women make up the largest support group for the Labour Party, and Prime Minister have the support of almost half of the country's young women. 

– What matters to me is that people have confidence in the government. I'm happy. It's naturally preferable to have good indications than bad polls, says Stoltenberg to TV2. 

While Conservative party (Høyre) decreases by 1.9 percentage points to 26.7%, Stoltenberg's coalition partners, Socialist Left (SV) and the Center  Party (Sp) end respectively 4.8 percent (+0.2) and 6.5 percent (1.2).

Right wing Progress Party (FrP), having had dramatic loses since 22 July terrorist attacks, also goes up by 1.2 percentage points to 14.5 %, while the far left party Rød climbs up to 1.5 % by 0.2 percentage points increase.

In the center, the Liberals (Venstre) suprasses the Christian Democrats (KrF), but both parties lose support. Liberals end up 5 percent (-0.8), while the Christian Democratic Party decreases to 4.5 percent with 1.7% lose. 

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