Norway Apologized from Jews

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg held the main speech at the International Holocaust Rememberance Day in Oslo.

“Without relieving the Nazis of their responsibility, it is time to for us to acknowledge that Norwegian policemen and other Norwegians took part in the arrest and deportation of Jews. Today I feel it is fitting to express our deepest apologies that this could happen on Norwegian soil,” said the Prime Minister.

Mr Stoltenberg also said, “learning is just as important as apologising. And it is even more important for us to commit ourselves to combating attitudes and actions that rob us of our decency and humanity.”

Stoltenberg concluded his speech by noting that they all have a responsibility to protect vulnerable groups from threats and violence and to make Norway a safe place for Jews, other individuals, minorities.


Vidkun Quisling, the country's leader during the occupation  whose name has become synonymous with traitor, ordered Norway's 2,100 Jews registered in 1942. More than a third were deported to death camps, while  others fled to neighboring Sweden.  

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