-Norwegian government weakens NATO

Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet reported the leaks from Oslo Embassy on 3 November 2008 covering the Nordic countries and NATO. According to the Wikileaks report, the Norwegian coalition government is seen as a threat to NATO's strength by the US authorities.

While Americans express their gratification with Sweden's cooperation with NATO , the United States is critical to the Nordic defense cooperation as Finland and Norway have shown increasing interest.

The risk is that Norway's coalition government (referred to as "left-Leaning government") goes away from the "traditionally strong transatlantic ties and focus on NATO. This will make NATO's northern flank weaker, "said the document from 2008, according to Svenska Dagbladet.

Security and Intelligence

Many of the reviews by the Oslo embassy is related to industry, oil / gas, fisheries and agriculture. But a list of the selection of the "Norwegian" correspondence shows that many of them also discuss security issues in Afghanistan and Iran and intelligence related to Turkey.

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