“Police Asked Me to Manipulate Photos”

In an interview with Aftenposten, Elgesem calimed one police came with two pictures of Treholt, one with the KGB chief, Treholt Makarov and one without Makarov. Then, the police asked Elgesem whether he could make a photo where they stood together in his lab.

The police fabricated Treholt-proofs

– I hesitated a bit. This would have been a very complicated task at that time, and would in that case have involved more than two women who worked with fast printing and copying of photos in our laboratory, “said Elgesem to Aftenposten.

He said he could not dare to have made such manipulation and found their asking a “civilian” to do such a thing very bold.

Elgesem also noted that he directed to another photographer as he felt he was in “the team” and don't how that photographer reacted to them.

Treholt case was the biggest espionage case in recent Norwegian history. Labour Party politician and diplomat Arne Treholt was arrested in Fornebu Airport on 20 January 1984, and charged with espionage. Then, he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment and confiscation of 1.1 million of Eidsivating Court of Appeal, for treason and espionage for the benefit of the Soviet Union and Iraq.

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