The Danish Politician Warns Norway Against Hysteria

The Norwegian daily, Klassekampen published an article about Abdol – Hamid's views on the recent happenings in Norway. In the interview, she expressed her concerns about Jens Stoltenberg's statement in the press conference in Oslo last week. Stoltenberg had given signs for tighter immigration policy in the name of fighting with the terrorist threat , and Progress Party (Krf) demanded for more control of asylum seekers.

Cautious about Stigmatization

The Danish politician also pointed that religiously motivated terrorism is a relatively new phenomenon and its reasons should be focused more carefully.

-We see that Muslims are stigmatized and discriminated as a result of these incidents. It provides that you, as a frustrated young Muslims go into extreme groups to take revenge on those who have an even stigmatized , "said Abdol – Hamid . She added that the fear of terrorism causes terrorism.

Asma Abdol – Hamid's ideas was also shared by the deputy leader of Red Youth , Marte Teigen. Teigen reacted to the statements of Jens Stoltenberg and stressed that the Danish government's tightening of asylum policy did not work for the terrorists, and explained how it hit the ordinary refugees who fled from war -torn country.

Teigen also critized Stoltenberg claiming that he stigmatizedall asylum seekers as a potential threat, and gave the Norwegian population incentive to harass refugees in his speech.

Talking About Medication Costs Yields Rewards

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