Worrying Trend in Norway: Young People Have the Highest Corona Infection Rate

New figures from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) show that most new cases of corona infection in Norway are among people between the ages of 20 and 29, writes NRK.

When the corona virus first came to Norway, most of the infected people were in their 50s. Now mostly young people in 20s test positive for corona.

In June, 103 people in this age group tested positive.

In the end of March, the median age of infected was 51 years. By mid-June, the median has dropped to 32 years.

Not surprised

Deputy Health Director Espen Nakstad is not surprised by the figures.

-This is probably because young people have mild symptoms, and thus may be in contact with other people while they are ill and continue to transmit, says Nakstad to NRK.

Nakstad says it’s important for everyone to keep social distance.

Going out culture has an effect

-Going back to regular opening hours for the restaurants was a statement of confidence to the nightlife industry and to the public. Most of the nightclubs meet the infection protection requirements well, but not all, writes the vice mayor for Oslo Business Development and Public Ownership Victoria Marie Evensen to NRK.

-The municipality of Oslo does not want to punish the entire industry because of few who violates the rules. On the other hand, we will punish businesses which violates the infection protection requirements, she warns.

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