Two Secondary School Students Die from the Flu in Norway

Two teens from Sarpsborg and Skien have died from the flu, and 100 students are infected in Tronheim. But the virus we have in Norway is not particularly dangerous, according to health authorities.

Nobody in Norway has been so far infected with corona virus – the viral epidemic that started in China just before the new year. However, regular flue wave hits schools around the country. hundreds of students are reportedly infected, writes VG.

In two cases in Sarpsborg and Skien, it is confirmed that two secondary students have died after being diagnosed with the flu.

A student at Kongerød secondary school in Skien died on Thursday at Rikshospitalet due to complications from the flu. Additionally, a boy in the 9th grade died at a secondary school in Sarpsborg on February 7.

Karianne J. Bergman, physician and municipal consultant in Sarpsborg confirms to VG that the teen died from the flu, in addition to a serious bacterial infection.

-Young people often get sick with the flu because they do not have the same immunity as adults. But even though many are infected, few under the age of 18 die after being infected, Siri Helene Hauge from Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) says to VG.

According to the FHI website , almost 1.6 million people in Norway have risk of complications from the flu. Every year 900 people die in Norway from the flu.

-Influenza cases in Norway have increased in recent weeks, but are still at a low level. The number and proportion of influenza-positive laboratory tests has risen over the past three weeks and is at medium level. There may be a further increase in influenza activity, writes FHI.

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