This is How to Celebrate Easter in Norway Safely

These are the government recommendations on how to enjoy the holidays in a Covid-safe manner.


  • Stay at home if you are not well and take a test as soon as possible if you think you may be infected with Covid-19.


  • Keep a two-meter distance from others, both indoors and outdoors.
  • You should limit social contact to the greatest extent possible.
  • You should avoid having more than 2 guests in your home. If your home municipality recommends to avoid visits, you should follow this advice whether you are at home, at your cabin or elsewhere.
  • If you come from an area with high rates of infection and strict local measures in place, the Government advises against any overnight visits during the Easter holidays. Nevertheless, children and young people under the age of 20 and people who live alone may arrange overnight visits with 1–2 specific friends.
  • Opt for outdoor activities where possible. Avoid large gatherings where it is difficult to maintain social distancing.


  • The Government advises against all travel abroad unless such travel is strictly necessary. Avoid non-essential domestic travel within Norway.
  • Travel to a cabin or second home (whether owned, borrowed or rented) is permitted provided you strictly observe all the rules for infection control and prevention en route to your destination and during your stay. Travel with the people that you live with, preferably do your shopping before departure, and maintain social distance from others.
    • Wear a face mask when inside shops.
    • Let only one family member do the shopping.
    • Plan your shopping at times outside peak hours.
  • It is important to find out what measures apply in the municipality where you will be staying. Such information is  normally available on the municipality’s website or at
  • If you are travelling to a municipality with fewer restrictions in place than your home municipality, the general rule is to follow the same recommendations that apply at home.
  • If you are in quarantine or waiting for your test results, you should not travel during the Easter holidays, not even to your own cabin.
  • If you are staying in a cabin and become unwell, you should return home. If you receive a phone call telling you to observe quarantine, you should return home.
  • You may travel to hotels within Norway, but you should maintain social distancing from other guests and limit the time you spend in common areas. If you come from an area with high rates of infection where strict local measures apply, you should not travel to a hotel or other overnight accommodation where large numbers of people gather.
  • The Government recommends to avoid hiking from cabin to cabin since this greatly increases the risk of infection.
  • If you are staying in self-service cabins, it should be possible to make an advance reservation in order to avoid several households/travel parties staying there at the same time.
  • If a cabin is in a particularly remote or inaccessible location, and a request for health-related assistance or the need for arranging quarantine/ testing may put a strain on the local health authorities, the local authorities should consider closing public access to such cabins.
  • In the case of strictly necessary foreign travel (e.g. children visiting parents in another country), it is extremely important to exercise caution while travelling and to adhere to quarantine regulations and testing requirements upon your return to Norway. 
  • Travel operators should consider limiting access to common areas in order to reduce the risk of infection and to make it easier to adhere to infection prevention regulations.

Church services and other celebrations

  • The rules, guidelines and recommendations relating to events apply to church services, as well as to other religious ceremonies and faith gatherings. You should not participate in such gatherings outside your home municipality. It is recommended to postpone all events that are not strictly necessary until after April 12.
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