This Gas Station in Norway Becomes The World’s First One To Replace All Gas Pumps with Electric Chargers

Circle K at Aleksander Kielland’s place in Oslo changes all gas pumps with electric chargers and becomes the first gas station in the world going full electric, according to Vårt Oslo.

Circle K is part of a network of 16,000 petrol stations internationally, but Circle K at Aleksander Kielland’s place in Oslo is the only one where electric car speed chargers have now taken the place of gas pumps.

-We have never done this before. There are fierce battles over the square meters at gas stations, and the gas pumps still deliver the core products and drive most of the traffic to our stations, says Circle Ks Sverre Rosén in a company press release.

-But now there is a development in Norway. Fast charging is in high demand and there is a growing customer segment. It is nice to be a pioneer for the whole world in this way, says Rosén.

Historical event

The Electric Car Association (Elbilforeningen) is happy with the transformation and Secretary General Christina Bu thinks it is extra significant to highlight this at the same time when world leaders are gathered at the UN Climate Summit in New York.

-We’re in a new era. It is a historic milestone that the gas station chains replace fossil fuel pumps with electric chargers. We congratulate Circle K for investing in electric cars, says Christina Bu.

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