Right Wing Group in Norway Steals and Burns Rainbow Flag

The Nordic resistance movement has posted a Youtube video showing they stole the pride flag in front of Oslo Central Station. They are reported to the police for theft.

On Thursday last week, rainbow-colored pride flag was stolen in front of Oslo railway station. The authorities were looking for who stole the flag.

Blikk Nett reported that the right-wing group The Nordic Resistance Movement has published a video on Youtube showing the theft of the flag outside Oslo S, and later burning it.

After the group’s disclosure, central station authorities reproted the group to the police. Marketing director of Bane Nor Eiendom, Kristin Paus told to VG that they had been already been in contact with the police and informed that we will report, says Marketing Director Kristin Paus in Bane Nor Eiendom to VG.

This is not the first time the right-wing group acts against the lhbtqi environment in Norway. Last year, they stole and burned rainbow flags in Kristiansand.

The Nordic resistance movement had also previously announced to hold a demonstration to “destroy the homolobby” in Fredrikstad on July 29th. The demonstration is now postponed indefinitely, as the police in Fredrikstad are concerned about a possible clash with counter-protesters.

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