Record Warm and Dry April in Norway: Drought Warning and Ban on Grill?

Norway is having one of the warmest and driest April in history. Forest fire hazard is on orange level in many parts of the country. The Norwegian Fire Protection Association (Norsk brannvernforening) now asks for a ban on the sale of disposable grills.

The record warm and dry April worries authorities in Norway. There is great forest fire hazard (orange level) in Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag, Western Norway, Oslo, Østfold, Vestfold, Buskerud and Telemark, Akershus, Oppland and Hedmark.

The Norwegian Fire Protection Association asks for halt on the sale of disposable grills, both because of the fire hazard and for the sake of the environment.

We believe that disposable grills are unsuitable for use in forests and other fields. Not only during periods of great forest fire hazard, but also because disposable grills constitute an environmental problem, says Rolf Søtorp from Norwegian Fire Protection Association according to a press release.

The meteorologists’ advice is also to be extra careful with the use of open fire. predicts the weather in some of the big cities will be like this until Friday.

Last week there were forest fires in several places in both norway and Northern Europe, NTB reports.

There have been forest fires in the UK, Sweden, Germany and Norway. According to a spokesman for the EU forest monitoring body (Effis), the number of forest fires in Europe this year has been “far above the average” for this time of year.

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