Record High Temperatures Affect Life in Eastern Norway

Norway is having the warmest May ever recorded in Eastern Norway (├śstlandet). While the non-stop sunny days please Norwegians, the life style and animals are affected.

The average temperature for May has been the warmest in the history, according to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. These extraordinary sunny days for several weeks in a row have an impact on life style in Norway and, challenge animals and babies.

The weather affects the joys of life, the willingness to work, temperament and the sex drive, writes Aftenposten.

Sexual Researcher and Psychology Professor (UiO) Bente Tr├Žen says to Aftenposten that people might have more difficulty in concentration, working and getting up. Also she thinks the extreme May weather arouses sexual desires.

– We show more skin and smell different. This is sexually coded, Tr├Žen says.

Despite the temperament changes in good weather, she does not believe the warm weather has changed Norwegian norms.

Oslo Police similary notes the changes in complains they get.

People spend time outside longer in the evening. There is increasing number of complaints about music, sounds and loud talking.

Additionally, the police is warning against the babies and animals in cars. Oslo Police reports increasing number of calls about animals left in cars with closed windows.

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