Protestors in Norway Will Stay in Quarantine

Some municipalities and companies require their employees to stay in quarantine, if they pariticpated in the police violence demonstrations on Friday.

In several Norwegian cities on Friday, there were big demonstrations to protest racism and police violence following the killing of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The demonstrators were criticized for not having followed infection prevention. As a result, some companies and institutions have chosen to introduce quarantine for those who took part in the demonstrations.

In Stavanger, health workers must be at home, and Obos employees cannot go to work, while municipality of Oslo and Bergen do not introduce quarantine for its employees after the demonstrations.

-The City of Oslo has already encouraged the use of home office alternative. This still applies, regardless of Friday’s demonstration, says communications advisor Cecilie Dahl in the Oslo City Council’s Department of Elderly, Health and Work to NTB.

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No need for new restrictions in Oslo and Bergen

The municipality states that they follow the situation closely and follow current regulations. They encourage people to stay home if they are sick and test themselves if they get respiratory symptoms.

Norway’s largest housing developer OBOS require any employees who participated in the demonstrations to stay in home quarantine.

On Sunday evening, the municipality of Stavanger also decided that employees who work with people at risk and who participated in the demonstrations must be in the home quarantine for ten days. All employees still receive full pay.

Oslo University Hospital has discussed the quarantine for its employees, but they decided not to introduce the quarantine.

Employees who have demonstrated should attend work as usual, as long as they do not experience symptoms.

Bergen has not imposed the quarantine either and assumes that the employees followed the rules of infection control.

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