Princess of Norway and Her Celebrity Shaman Boyfriend Will Earn Million on Their Nordic Tour

On Sunday, it was revealed that Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and the famous celebrity shaman Durek Verret are in relationship. Now Verrett sets on a Nordic tour with Princess Märtha Louise to deliver workshops labeled “The Princess and The Shaman”.

They will be in Copenhagen (May 19), Stavanger (May 20), Tromsø (May 21), Oslo (May 22) and Fredrikstad (May 23).

The performances that will be held in Oslo and Fredrikstad are already sold out. The tickets cost up to 120 USD.

Princess’s American boyfriend lives and works in Los Angeles. He is marketed as celebrity shaman.

Shaman Durek and his activity are controversial in the USA. The 44-year-old Durek Verrett promotes himself as a “spiritual guide and gifted healer.” The princess also claims to have special powers for healing, even talking with the dead. She is co-founder of controversial “angel school” that calims to help people get in touch with their own “angels.”

Their planned event in Stavanger St. Petri Church has already created reactions against the church opening space for such an event in the church.

The event, which has a Norwegian premiere in Stavanger, is promoted as an invitation “to a journey to the mysteries of life, how to get into deeper contact with your inner power and raise awareness so that you bring out the true you no matter where you are in life”.

Can earn a million in four nights

In four events in Norway, there are in total 1 551 seats. If all seats are sold, the revenue can amount to 922 000 NOK (over one hundred thousand USD) for the four evenings.

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