Norwegians Mock Sweden for Popular Chocolate Drink Crisis

A technical failure has caused shortage of famous Swedish chocolate drink powder O’boy. Norwegians sell used packages of O’Boy online for thousands of NOK.

According to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet , a technical problem in production line of the manufacturer Mondelez led the store shelves emptied.

Meanwhile, a lot of creative ads from Norwegians have appeared on online classified page

The website is full of half used O’Boy packages costing between several hundreds and several million NOK.

The most expensive one is sold for 32 million NOK (3.8 million USD).

” Two for one price. Time-limited offer on Sunday from 11:00 to 12:00. After 12:00 it is full price. The box is full and pretty. Four people are employed to keep it free of dust as it can spoil the experience of the first glass mixed with good cold milk (note milk is not included and must be purchased seperately). It can be shipped to Sweden,” writes the ad.

Emergency Aid from Norwegian Chocolate Milk Producer

In addition, Norwegian Litago, a flavored milk brand owned by TINE, is now sending emergency relief and some of its staff to distribute chocolate milk to needy Swedes, writes Bodøposten.

– As we (Norway) has experienced butter crisis, we know how hard it is when panic breaks out. When we saw that the Swedes experience the same (crisis) with chocolate milk, we knew we had to react quickly. For us, it is obvious we need to help them to ease the crisis,” says Mimmi Granli Jensen, communication manager at TINE.

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