Norway’s Telecommunication Giant Telenor Launches Service for Online Safety and Bullying

Telenor launches the web service called Nettslet to provide professional help for removing unwanted content from the web.

A research by Norstat shows that more than half of today’s children and youth in Norway have experienced online bullying and shared private photos with other people. the problem is increasing.

-We live in one of the world’s most digital societies and reap the experiences of both good and evil, says Ric Brown, head of Telenor’s mobile division. He believes it is a joint responsibility to ensure that children and young people are safe on the internet.

Telenor therefore takes a step, and launches the service Nettslet. This is automatically included in the company’s subscriptions for children and young people. The service will provide professional help in removing unwanted content from the web.

Lawyers and psychologist support

Harassment on the net can take many forms and have serious consequences, and digital bullying often takes place in secret and anonymously. When you first end up in such a situation, it is important that you have someone to contact, says a press release from Telenor.

With NetSlett you get both legal and psychological assistance.

-No one should feel insecure online. Still, more and more people say they are bullied and have experienced the sharing of unwanted photos online. With this service, you get professional help to remove unwanted content from the internet- if you are to be offended, bullied, abused or threatened. This applies both to things that are written about you and private photos of you in circulation, says Brown in a press release from Telenor.

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