Norway Warns Against New Rightwing Terror Attacks

Norway’s police intelligence service, PST has warned against possible terror attacks from rightwing extremists in the coming year.

In a statement, the PST said several Norwegian rightwing extremists had recently expressed support for the perpetrators behind attacks in New Zealand, the US and the failed attack in the Bærum last month.

The PST noted that meeting places for Muslims and non-western immigrants, political parties or persons, Jews and LGBT communities were “symbolic targets”.

PST says that the updated threat assessment is based on, among other things, specific statements and other information they obtained about individuals in Norwegian right-wing extremist environments.

[news 17157]

-Some right-wing groups internationally will urge their members to carry out terrorist attacks. The groups are spreading terrorist propaganda as part of their goal of launching a racial war. In 2018-19, members of such groups carried out politically motivated killings and planned terrorist attacks, especially in the United States, but also in Europe. PST is aware that these groups have sympathizers in Norway, wrote the statement from the agency.

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