Norway Tops in Climate Change Skepticism Just After the United States and Saudi Arabia

New YouGov study of 30,000 people in 28 countries and regions uncovers a shocking trend in Norway. The country is a clear outlier in terms of public scepticism of the threat of climate change, despite its environmentalist image.

Climate change has never been so visible in the public consciousness as it is today. Also more and more people acknowledge that that climate change is happening and that humanity is at least partly responsible for that.

The survey actually shows that majority of people in 28 countries think that it is made by human being. Indians are the most likely to think that human activity is the main reason the climate is changing, at 71%.

On the other hand, at 35% Norwegians and Saudi Arabians are the least likely to think this, although a further 36% and 48% respectively in each country think that humanity is partially responsible for the changing climate.

South/North Divide

Globally, the survey reveals that poorer countries or those most exposed to the extreme weather events due to climate change are the most likely to acknowledge its existence and the role humanity plays in accelerating the process. They are also most worried about its impacts.

Those in cooler and wealthier northern European countries led by Norway and oil rich countries like Saudi Arabia are the most sceptical.

People in Asian and Middle Eastern countries tend to be much more likely to think that climate change will have a great deal of impact than those in the West/North. For instance, while fully 75% of Filipinos and 65% of Qataris expect to have their lives disrupted in a large way (the highest rate in Asia and the Middle East respectively), in Europe the most worried nation is Spain, at only 32%.

When it comes to whether the individuals themselves are doing as much as they can, people are more circumspect, although there is still a strong tendency to believe that they themselves can contribute more than they are currently doing so.

Middle Easterners and Norwegians are the exception. Norwegians and almost all Middle Eastern countries are more likely than not to feel they are doing as much as can reasonably be expected.

Everyone takes their fair share of the blame for the current state of affairs the climate finds itself in. A majority in all countries believe international bodies, national governments of both wealthy and developing countries, businesses and industry, and individuals to all be โ€œveryโ€ or โ€œfairlyโ€ responsible for the current situation with climate change.

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