Norway is The Second Best in Making the World a Better Place

Good Country Index 2017 shows Norway is the second best country contributing positively to climate and environment.

According to a new report called the “Good Country Index,” which ranked 163 countries by their contributions to the global community, Norway takes the second place in climate and preserving the planet category, and 13th place overall.

In the climate individual category with ecological footprint, reforestation since 1992, hazardous pesticides exports, CO2 emissions and ozone, Norway has been ranked on the top after Iceland.

To compile the Good Country Index, the reserachers created seven big categories: Science & Technology, Culture, International Peace & Security, World Order, Planet & Climate, Prosperity & Equality, and Health & Wellbeing.

The data came from sources like the United Nations and the World Bank and it aims to measure the countries’ positive contribution to whole planet and humanity.

Taking into all categories, Sweden has been ranked the best country of the world.

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