Norway Reopens Schools As Part of Softened Corona Measures

Norwegian government announced that primary schools and kindergartens will be opened in late April. But all major games, festivals, events and marathons are banned until June 15. The ban can be extended.

The municipality of Oslo will open kindergartens and small schools gradually and controlled in accordance with the new national guidelines.

City Councilman Raymond Johansen listed crucial preconditions for reopening:

  • The infection continues to be under control
  • The infection control measures are justified
  • Parents, teachers and staff feel safe
  • The city’s population continues to follow the infection control rules

School leaders in the big cities believe it was wise by the government to allow children in the first to fourth grades to return to school from April 27.

-It’s starting to be a long time since the students have been to school. And for the youngest, digital interaction is more challenging, says Bergen School Director Marius Arnason Bøe to VG.

Does not promise any guarantee

He says the schools will have challenges and are waiting for further national standards related to infection control and distance, which will be announced on April 20.

-As a municipality and school government, we rely on the national assessments. But we have a job to do with assuring parents, students and staff that it is safe to be at school again.

He says he can never guarantee that someone will not be infected with the corona at school.

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