Norway Prime Minister Held Press Conference for Only Children About Coronavirus

Prime Minister Erna Solberg answered questions from children about the new coronavirus on Monday.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Minister for Children and Family Kjell Ingolf Ropstad and Minister of Knowledge Guri Melby answered questions from children about the new corona virus.

Solberg started the press conference by saying that it is ok to be a little scared.

-It is ok to be a little scared, but the corona virus is not dangerous for most people. We need to prevent old people such as grandparents from being infected, said Solberg.

The Prime Minister emphasized that we have very good doctors and nurses, and very good hospitals in Norway.

Schools are closed but it is not a holiday

Guri Melby told all the children that the schools are closed but it does not mean that they have a holiday now.

-We have to find other ways to learn, on the computer with teachers, but also on our own, said she.

She also reminded that all children who do not have a good conditions at home can contact their teachers, nurses, or other adults at school by phone.

Kjell Ingolf Ropstad tells all children that it is still permissible to have fun, but that children must now play in a different way.

-You can play with one or two friends, and it is still allowed to be out. You can read books, play games, you shouldn’t visit your grandparents now because they can get sick, but you can call them, talk to them on facetime or write to them, said Kjell Ingolf Ropstad.

Parents and their economy

He also said to those children who are worried that their parents will lose their jobs should not worry. Norway works hard to make sure that nobody do not lose their jobs.

Ropstad said they came to donate a lot of money to the jobs of the grown-ups, so that they still have a job to go to when this crisis is over.

What happens when Norway prime Minister forgets no handshake rule against coronavirus?

Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg forgets no handshake rule during the press conference on corona virus measures. Funny and awkward moments 🙂

Publisert av The Nordic Page – Norway Mandag 16. mars 2020

Here are some of the questions children asked the prime minister and the ministers online:

Can the virus spread to animals?

-We do not think it is contagious to animals, but we never know for sure, but we think this will not be problem for animals, replies Erna Solberg.

May 17 (National Day) be canceled?

-We have to be careful about being with other people, as we usually do when we celebrate May 17. I hope to celebrate May 17, even if it is a different celebration than it usually is, Guri Melby replies.

How long will it take to make a vaccine against the coronavirus?

-We don’t know how long it will take. It can go one year, a little less than one year or more years. There are many good researchers around the world who work on making a vaccine and medicine that works against the virus, answers Erna Solberg.

Why can’t I celebrate my birthday?

-The reason why you can’t celebrate your birthday as usual is that usually there are more children gathering. When more children gather together to celebrate a birthday, it can be easier to get infected. However, you can still celebrate your birthday with a friend, or be a little extra creative and celebrate it with friends over facetime or on Minecraft. You can also postpone it until it is again allowed to gather and make a giant party, answers Kjell Ingolf Ropstad.

Is Prime Minister Erna Solberg afraid of getting sick, and who is going to be in charge, if you get sick?

-I am not so afraid of it, I think I have quite good health, but we must all be prepared that we can get sick. If I become a little sick, I work from home. If I become very ill, I have several assistants in the Government who will take over my tasks until I stay healthy, answers Erna Solberg.

What happens if everyone in the whole world gets the coronavirus?

If everyone in the whole world is infected, we will be challenged to help everyone who is sick. In Norway we have very good hospitals, doctors and nurses who say we can help people who are sick, but in other countries they do not. Therefore, there will be more people dying in those countries than in Norway if everyone in the whole world becomes infected. The virus will eventually disappear, but we hope that we will be able to keep as many healthy people as possible, answers Erna Solberg.

Is it stressful to be prime minister now?

-I am not so stressed, but I have an important job and a great responsibility as prime minister. It is important that we make sure that the hospitals work well, that we have goods to Norway and that we keep the economy so that the grown-ups still have a job when this is over, fortunately I have many good people who help me, answers Erna Solberg.

What is the prime minister doing to strengthen his immune system?

-I try to sleep a lot, eat healthy and exercise since it is good for the immune system. But I didn’t sleep as much as most teenagers, answers Erna Solberg.

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