Norway Prime Minister Fined for Breaking Lockdown Rules

Norwegian Prime minister Erna Solberg has been fined NOK 20.000 (around 2400 USD) after her 60th birthday party with 12 people.

Solberg and his family gathered more than ten people two days in a row during the winter holidays to celebrate the Prime Minister’s 60th birthday. The first night, Erna Solberg was not present at the celebration at a restaurant. The next day, everyone was gathered in an apartment in Geilo.

According to the Chief of Police, it is considered appropriate to respond with punishment to the Prime Minister in order to maintain the public’s confidence in the infection control rules.

Under the current restrictions, it is not allowed to gather more than 10 people for such private occasions.

The Norwegian police themselves decided to start an investigation after NRK revealed that they were too many during the celebration of her 60th birthday.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg later regrets that she and her family had broken the lockdown rules.

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