Norway Police Warn against Dangerous Online Trend among Children and Teenagers

Increased online sexual blackmailing and sexting drive young people into suicide attempts and self harm.

Increased online sexual blackmailing and sexting drive young people into suicide attempts and self harm.

The National Criminal Investigation Service of Norway, Kripos see a remarkable increase in online sexual blackmailing due to sexting, writes NRK. Some of the victims have tried to take their lives, while others hurt themselves in pure despair, reports the police.

– Sexy picture! People are going to like it. Especially friends and family. Should I delete it?

– Yes! S**t! Please delete it!

– I will delete if you do three things I ask 🙂 If not, it will be posted online.

– Decide before 0.

– 10.

– 9.

This conversation is one of the many reported cases to the police, according to NRK.

A classic example of how extortion over the internet can happen if a naked picture is in the wrong hands.

Children and adolescents are contacted about the danger on Snapchat, Jodel, Facebook and Instagram. Some of the perpetrators are boyfriends whiel some are randomd fake profiles who gradually establish a relationship with children and teenagers.

Desperation and fear of exposure can have fatal consequences for the young victims.

– We are now investigating two cases where two children attempted to end their lives. Others also suffer from self-harm, as a result of despair, “said police officer at the section for investigation of serious sexual offenses in Oslo, Fredy Joaquin Salazar to NRK.

Of course, this is not all, he emphasizes.

In cases of extortion, the dialogue is often gradually more sexualized. Finally, children send naked images or videos often with a promise that it should be deleted immediately or not to be shared.

When the image is sent, the conversation turns completely and the threats begin and perpetrator asks for more.

There is no special group that stands out as “the typical victim.”

According to the police, who investigate the individual cases, there are boys and girls of all ages, and cultures that fall into trap.

But extortion case can be anything for money, blackmailing, or by a boyfriend pushing to do this or threaten to spread nude images if relationship ends.

Previously NRK reported trend of sending nude pictures among teenagers to show that they are cheeky and fun to hang out with.

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