Norway Mosque Attack Terror Suspect: Millionaire, Outgoing and Right Wing Extremist

The 21 year old Philip Manshaus, charged with terrorism and murder of his step-sister, is wealthy and linked to right-wing extremism, Norwegian police confirms.

The police also knows about his activity on various forums for anti-immigrant groups.
“The research reveals that the perpetrator has extreme right attitudes, said the acting unit leader at Oslo Police District Rune Skjold to Nettavisen.

The dead teenage girl found in the suspect’s house was identified as Manshaus’s step-sister (17). The young man is charged with both attempted terrorism and killing her. The motives behind the murder are unknown.

The murder victim was adopted to Norway when she was about two years old and is the daughter of Manshaus’s father’s cohabitant. His mother died when he was very young. The step sister was adopted from China. According to the Oslo police and Nettavisen.

Rich, Outgoing, Right wing Extremist, Known to Police

On the basis of information from the police, persons who know him and his internet activity, the 21-year-old from Bærum was previously penalized, but is nevertheless known by the police. He was investigated “some time ago” when police received concerns about the man’s activity on the internet.

Dagbladet has been in contact with Manshaus’s lawyer Unni Fries. She states late Sunday night that Manshaus is refusing to be punished.

People who have been in contact with the 21-year-old in the past describe him as “outgoing with friends, but at the same time a bit peculiar and reserved.

Manshaus was born and raised in Bærum (a municipality), where he has also lived recently. He lived at the address where his 17-year-old step-sister was found killed after the terrorist attack on the mosque.

According to Dagbladet, the 21-year-old owns properties worth several million NOK. In addition, in 2018, the man had a fortune of over NOK 3 million.

Police are investigating the attack as a terrorist attack

The attack on al-Noor Islamic Center is the first attack on a mosque in Norway since 1985.

The terror suspect armed with multiple weapons opened fire in a mosque in Bærum near Oslo on Saturday. One person was injured before the attacker was overpowered by a 75-year-old worshiper. Hours after the attack, the dead body of his step sister was found in his own house.

Police confirms that the shooter known to police, and he posted supporting messages for New Zealand terrorist online before opening fire on house of worship.

The man charged with terrorism and murder, confirms the man’s defender, Unni Fries in an SMS to NRK.

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