Norway Has the Highest Temperature Recorded in January

Summer weather strikes Norway in the middle of winter. Temperature record in January is broken in Sunndalsøra with 19°C (66.2°F).

Sunndalsøra set a new high-temperature Norwegian record in January with 19 degrees, reports the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

-It’s like a nice summer day in Northern Norway, says meteorologist Martin Granerød to NTB.

It is 19 degrees in Sunndalsøra. 🌡️It is the highest temperature we have measured in January in Norway, writes the Norwegian Meteorological Institute on Twitter.

For many Norwegians it has been a mild and wet winter so far. Climate scientists suggest that this unexpected weather will continue in the future.

-Both the long-term forecast, regular weather forecast and seasonal forecast point that direction. We seem to have a mild winter until the end of March, says climate researcher Erik Kolstad to NRK .

He points to global warming as a reason for winters becoming warmer in Norway.

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