Norway Finance Minister Receives Gay Friends Award

Finance Minister of Norway Siv Jensen was awarded as the year’s best gay friend, or faghag during Gaygalla 2018 in Oslo. Some criticize the decision.

Widely known with its populist statements, Progress Party (FrP)’s leader and Finance Minister Siv Jensen won the prize on Saturday. Some criticize the award to Frp leader.

– The homosexual movement stands for inclusion and diversity. Then it is strange that the leader of a party that stands for the opposite wins this price. To me it’s a bit like being a bullfighter and being a vegetarian at the same time, says comedian Lisa Tønne to VG .

Also, Norwegian daily VG TV’s Morten Hegseth and Tore Petterson criticize the award.

Petterson reminded that Jensen is the leader of a party that was just a few years ago against gay marriage and gender equality and he called the decision as a populist action.

Jury chairman Yngve Marcussen said that the award is a social and not a political prize.

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