Norway Closes Again with Stricter Corona Measures

The government recommends zero physical education for students.Ā The Progress Party thinks the students should have been notified earlier, and the Labor Party is calling for financial measures for the nightlife.

There is an increasing trend of infection in more than 40 municipalities. In response to the trend, the government has come up with several national measures at a press conference at 6 pm yesterday.

-We are worried about the development in the number of infections, said Prime Minister Erna Solberg when she opened the press conference.
These are the measures and recommendations introduced by the government, valid from 4 January to 18 January:

  • Do not visit others. Wait 14 days before you visit others. This does not apply to those who were already close. Those who live alone can have a visit from one to two persons for the next 14 days. Alternatively, those who live alone may have a visiting family member. Children can also have visits from children from the same cohort in kindergarten and school.
  • Prohibit drinking alcohol, but restaurants may remain open.
  • A maximum of five people at private events outside their own homes, such as a birthday party in a rented room.
  • There can be a maximum of ten people at public events indoors. But up to 200 people if all sit in a fixed seat. In funerals, there can be up to 50 people, even if the seat is not fixed.

National advice and recommendations:

  • All teaching and planned events at the university, college and vocational school will be made digital until 18 January. FolkehĆøgskular and bibelskular must follow advice from local health authorities.
  • All the country’s upper secondary schools and primary schools must follow the red level restrictions.
  • Avoid trips that are not mandatory in Norway and or to other countries. But you can go to the cabin with people you live with.
  • Anyone who can work from a home office should do it.
  • Shopping centers and stores should have access control and restrictions on how many people can enter the premises. 
  • All organized leisure activities, sports activities, cultural events events indoors will be postponed until after 18 January. This also applies to events that apply to children across cohorts, but not funerals.
  • Outdoor activities can be carried out if it is possible to keep at least one meter to others.

Special recommendations for regions with high infection trend:

  • Assess whether kindergartens and primary schools should follow the guide for Ā«red levelĀ».
  • Assess the order for face masks in public places where it is not possible to keep one meter away from others.
  • Consider the home office requirement for those who can.
  • Consider an order to close fitness centers, bingo and swimming pools.

Reactions from the Labor Party and the Progress Party

-The Progress Party reacts to the government giving such careless short notice to students, says Progress Party spokesperson ƅshild Bruun-Gundersen to NTB.

She points out that many students are already on their way to the city where they study.
The Labor Party’s Terje Lien Aasland, on the other hand, believes that financial measures must now be taken to support companies that are affected by the new guidelines.

He points out that nightclubs, restaurants and hotels were hard hit by measures introduced by the government, and calls for an expanded compensation scheme.

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