Norway Capital Shuts Down Some Public Services, As Coronavirus Spread Declared as Crisis

The City of Oslo is expanding measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and is closing down many of public services.

City Councilor Raymond Johansen says during the press conference on Thursday that they are in crisis.

All kindergartens in Oslo will be closed from Monday, while secondary and high schools will be closed from tomorrow. Libraries, public swimming pools, public sports facilities and museums are also closed.

Initially, schools will be kept closed for 14 days.

Parents with children in kindergarten and primary schools are encouraged to keep children at home starting from Friday, if possible.

-We are working to ensure that critically important personnel with young children can continue to work. We are preparing an offer of childcare for them, says Johansen.

Personnel having critical importance include the workers from health care, fire deaprtment, water, drainage, renovation and electricity sectors.

Prohibits events with more than 50 people

In addition, the municipality tightens the requirement for social events. All events with more than 50 participants are banned in Oslo.

-People should be confident that we take this seriously, says Johansen.

Visitor restrictions have also been imposed on all of Oslo’s elderly homes and hospitals.

All the 53,000 employees in the municipality of Oslo will work from home as far as possible. Only personnel who have critical roles should go to work, Johansen points out.

On Thursday, Ruter also expanded its public transport measures in the capital. Among other things, the public transportation company reinforces the cleaning routines and that the doors of public vehicles will be opened by the driver automatically without letting the passangers press buttons. In addition, payments with cash will not be possible on board.

More than 126,300 have so far been infected by the corona virus in the world. This is the situation in Norway right now:

totally infected so farreported cases todaydead
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