Norway Becomes The First Country To Test Experimental Treatment Methods for Corona

Norway is the first country in a major international study to test promising treatment methods for patients with COVID-19. At the same time, the government announces several changes to the health service.

The study is conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO). The treatment of the very first patient starts at Oslo University Hospital tomorrow, stated Minister of Health and Care Bent Høie (H) at the government’s daily press conference.

The study will be conducted at 22 hospitals across the country. All patients over the age of 18 are invited to participate in the study.

Director John-Arne Røttingen in the Research Council says three drugs will be tested. Both malaria and ebola drugs are involved.

-This study will be the framework for testing new drugs coming from the world’s research laboratories. Then we will be able to measure the treatments against these results. What is going on now is a huge research hub worldwide, he says.

Several health care regulatory changes to release pressure on hospitals

The hospitals’ obligation to set a deadline for patients to receive necessary health care will not apply. However, patients will still have the right to necessary health care within a reasonable time.

The hospitals’ duty to assess the patient is extended from 10 to 30 days. If a serious or life-threatening illness is suspected, the patient will be entitled to a faster assessment.

-The pressure on the health service will be big in the future. To help those who need it most, we need to make some changes to the regulations that include patients who can wait for scheduled treatment, says the health minister of Norway Høie.

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