Norway Bans Fossil Fuel Vehicles

Ministry of Climate and Environment says yes to emission-free zones. Oslo and Bergen will lead and ban fossil fuel cars in some areas.

It is part of the government’s new climate plan.

In practice, this means that the city councils in different municipalities will ban fossil fuel cars in some streets or areas in the cities.

Only emission-free cars will be allowed on the roads

It will be up to the municipalities themselves to assess the details. Whether exemptions should be granted for heavy transport.

What the government will not allow, on the other hand, is emission-free zones that include the national road network.

New climate plan

The overall goal in the plan is to cut emissions in the so-called non-quota sector by 45 per cent from the 2005 level by 2030. If the goal is to be achieved.

The non-quota sector includes transport, construction, waste, agriculture and some industry.

In total, there is talk of about half of the greenhouse gases emitted in Norway.

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