Norway Arrests to Deport Well-known American Right-Wing Extremist

Greg Johnson, a well-known American right-wing extremist, was arrested by Norwegian police when he spoke at the Scandza forum in Oslo. Also around 25 anti-right wing protesters were arrested by police in the area.

Johnson was in Oslo in connection with the organization Scandza Forum’s conference. Police say the US citizen, who was supposed to be one of the keynote speakers at the conference, was arrested based on orders from Norwegian intelligence service, PST.

Martin Bernsen in the PST tells NRK that Greg Johnson plays a radicalization role.

-He spreads a violent right-wing ideology. He is therefore expelled from Norway, he says.

Relation to Breivik

The web site Filter News has previously mentioned this week in an article Johnson wrote about Anders Behring Breivik in 2012.

According to the Web site, Johnson praises the political motivation Breivik’s massacring 69 young people on Utøya island and in the government quarter in Oslo in 2011. Johnson himself denies that he supported Breivik’s actions.

Greg Johnson is a major player in the right-wing environment in the United States, and he is often invited to Europe to speak at various gatherings of white-supremacist organizations. He has written about 40 books with his own name or the pseudonym Trevor Lynch.

He is known as an opponent of birth control and is afraid that there is a great danger to the “white race” in the future because of low fertility rate.

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