Norway Announces To Normalize Until Mid June Despite the Coronavirus

The government presented its action plan for the reopening of the country. The goal is that by June 15, most of what has been closed will be opened again.

On Thursday, the government presented its plan for opening Norway again.

-Our goal is that by June 15, we will open most of what has been closed. But we are only going to do it on these dates if we can keep control of the infection. We cannot grant more liberty than the infection measures allow, ”says Solberg at the press conference on Thursday.

Here is the government’s normalizing plan:

From May 7, the following changes will be made:

  • The recommended size of groups in private meetings is increased from five to a maximum of 20 persons, with the condition of keeping at least one meter distance.
  • This also means that workouts and other organized sports activities can be carried out for up to 20 people.
  • Sports halls can open. There is a ban on the use of wardrobes in sports halls.
  • Events are allowed with up to 50 participants in a public place, where participants can keep at least one meter distance from each other and where there is a responsible organizer.
  • The ban on travel abroad for health professionals is lifted. International travel is still not advised. Persons who have been abroad must quarantine upon return.
  • Mandatory quarantine after travel will continue until the end of the summer.
  • Quarantine duration changes from 14 to 10 days. People who have been in close contact for up to 48 hours with a confirmed infected person should be quarantined.

From 11 May, the following changes will be made:

  • All primary and secondary schools should be open to all levels during week 20. The infection prevention rules must be followed, which may mean that not everyone can be at the school at the same time.
  • Adult education and integration training for the refugees and immigrants can also be open in week 20.
  • Folk high schools (Folkehøgskole) are kept closed for the school year, with the exception of the short courses.
  • Driving schools can be opened. They must follow the infection protection requirements that apply to other one-to-one contact businesses.
  • Gaming and bingo halls can open.
  • Universities, colleges and vocational schools must continue distance education. Students who must be at the learning site to maintain study progression can be at learning place. But they must comply with the requirements for the prevention of infection-related activities.
  • A guide for sports is published, with emphasis on children and youth sport activities involving physical contact, such as football. The goal is that children and young people can to a greater extent carry on their sport activities in a more normal way than today, for example playing match against the others. This should be done in a safe manner.

From June 1, the aim is to make the following changes:

  • Serving places that do not sell food can open as long as they can keep the rule of distance of at least one meter. Requirements must be made in the regulations on seating and table service.
  • Amusement parks can open.
  • The Directorate of Health and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health will prepare new travel advice by 15 May. The advice will apply from 1 June.

From June 15, the aim is to:

  • Events with up to 200 people will be allowed.
  • Fitness centers will be opened if the health authorities in collaboration with the industry can come up with sound infection control measures.
  • Open water parks and swimming pools will be opened, if the health authorities, in collaboration with the industry, can come up with sound infection control measures.

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