Night Club Shooter in Oslo Is Charged with Attempted Murder

24-year-old Nazi sympathizer is charged with shooting four people at a club in Oslo yesterday. He was previously known by the police for his violent acts.

Night club shooter in Oslo turns to be a right wing Nazi sympathizer who is known to police.

On Sunday morning, a man armed with a handgun shot four people outside a nightclub called Blå in Oslo.

The gunman opened fire outside the club in the early hours of Sunday morning. Two guards, a staff member at the resort and a male guest were hit during the shooting. Two female guests also received light injuries, according to police.

Two of the injured are believed to be bouncers at the venue. The shooting reportedly took place after the suspect was asked to leave the club.

24-year-old attacker was arrested by the police on the spot.

On a video Norwegian daily VG has gained access, the 24-year-old threatens and chants racist slogans against the witnesses because he was filmed.

A well known right wing Nazi sympathizer

The 24-year-old man who has been charged with attempted murder was previously known to authorities with his violent history and right wing extremist connections.

According to VG , he has been convicted of robbery, police violence, drug possession and threats to both civilians and police.

In 2013, he and his friend stood outside the house of the left wing organization Blitz and chanted nazi slogans.

In the same year, he was sentenced for illegal purchase of weapons and shoting out of a farmhouse window in Frogner.

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