New Corona Restrictions in Norway: All Green Zones Become Yellow or Red

Prime Minister Erna Solberg urges that everyone must comply with the infection control rules in order not to have another shut. Now five new countries are turning red, and travel to even green countries is discouraged.

-In recent weeks, the infection has increased again. Everyone must contribute to the hard work. Now we are at a tipping point, says Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

The Prime Minister emphasizes that they had calculated for a possible increase in infections when Norway was gradually opened before the summer. Therefore, it is crucial to follow the infection control rules, Solberg emphasizes.

Five new red countries, no travel at all

Iceland, Cyprus, Malta, the Netherlands and Poland become no go zone. The rules for the Faroe Islands and some regions in Sweden and Denmark will also change.

The six regions in Sweden are Östergötland, Örebro, Blekinge, Värmland, Uppsala and Dalarna.

Solberg says that they no longer categorize the countries as green and red countries, but yellow and red countries.

-As the situation is now worse, we advise against all travel abroad, and extend the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ global travel advice until 1 October. Right now it is best to stay at home in Norway. No country is green.

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