Messages from the killed step-sister about the mosque shooter in Norway: “He is racist and hateful. I don’t feel safe”

On Thursday, the trial started against the murder and terror charges of right wing Philip Manshaus. Last year on August 10, he killed his step-sister Johanne Zhangjia Ihle-Hansen , who is adopted from China. He then carried out a failed terrorist attack on the Al-Noor mosque in Bærum. Manshaus, in questioning, explained that he killed her sister because she is not of Nordic race.

Manshaus, in questioning, explained that he wanted to kill as many Muslims as possible.

The messages that Johanne sent to her then boyfriend show that she was very concerned about the terrorist’s attitudes. The messages were sent with the Discord app.

The messages Nettavisen has access to have been sent in the period 1 June 2019 to 9 August 2019.

The last message was sent the day before she was killed.

In the reports, Johanne expresses frustration that Manshaus is hating gays, Jews and Muslims. In addition, she expressed concern that the terrorist wants to act against them.

In one of the messages, sent in late June 2019, Johanne writes that Manshaus developed negative attitudes about gays.

Racist, White Supremicst and Hateful

In a message, Johanne writes:

“Philip talks about race and breeding. Obviously, only whites are considered human beings.”

She sent this message on June 28. On July 1, she sends another message:

“Philip is so racist and hateful. I don’t feel safe. “

Four days before the terrorist attack, Johanne records that Manshaus has read and prepared Nazi propaganda, including articles on mass shootings. The day before the murder and terrorist attack, Johanne writes again to her boyfriend:

“My mother talked to my father about Philip. Then the next day he (Philip) removed the articles from the wall. Then he talked to my mother. That didn’t seem real. She didn’t think so either. Philip hardly ever talks to her. “

The 21 year old Philip Manshaus, charged with terrorism and murder of his step-sister, is coming from a wealthy family and linked to right-wing extremist groups. He, armed with multiple weapons, first killed his step-sister adopted from China and opened fire in a mosque in Bærum near Oslo on August 10. One person was injured before the attacker was overpowered by a 75-year-old worshiper.

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