Majority Supports Mobile Phone Ban at Schools in Norway

Several schools in Norway introduce ban on the use of mobile phones during the school hours. Three out of four in Norway support the ban and further want a national ban, according to Klassekampen.

74 percent of the respondents support mobile phone ban at Norwegian schools, according to a recent survey Sentio has conducted among 1000 respondents in August, on behalf of Klassekampen.

“France has introduced a national ban on mobile phone use at schools. Do you support the introduction of such a ban at Norwegian schools? “, was the question in the survey.

Only 21 percent of the participants said no, while 5 percent were uncertain.

Several schools in Norway have already introduced all or part of the ban.

A secondary school in Trondheim is the first school which has introduced mobile-free zone two and a half years ago.

Another school in Asker has found a different solution this year. The school has entered into an agreement with an American manufacturer of lockable bags. The school’s students must lock the mobile phone into a bag before the classes. The teacher keeps the key. The video below explains how the system works:

In Norway, it is up to schools how the mobile phones are used, and in many places they are also used in teaching.

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