Majority Supports Mobile Phone Ban at Schools in Norway

Photo : Jhaymesisviphotography.

Several schools in Norway introduce ban on the use of mobile phones during the school hours. Three out of four in Norway support the ban and further want a national ban, according to Klassekampen.

74 percent of the respondents support mobile phone ban at Norwegian schools, according to a recent survey Sentio has conducted among 1000 respondents in August, on behalf of Klassekampen.

“France has introduced a national ban on mobile phone use at schools. Do you support the introduction of such a ban at Norwegian schools? “, was the question in the survey.

Only 21 percent of the participants said no, while 5 percent were uncertain.

Several schools in Norway have already introduced all or part of the ban.

A secondary school in Trondheim is the first school which has introduced mobile-free zone two and a half years ago.

Another school in Asker has found a different solution this year. The school has entered into an agreement with an American manufacturer of lockable bags. The school’s students must lock the mobile phone into a bag before the classes. The teacher keeps the key. The video below explains how the system works:

In Norway, it is up to schools how the mobile phones are used, and in many places they are also used in teaching.