Letter in Bottle From Norway Ends in Russia

A bottled note from Oslo by 10-year-old mysterious Lise was found by a teenager in Ryazan, Russia. Now the 15-year-old founder is trying to find the letter sender of the note.

The 15 years old, living in Ryazan, Russia, was camping on the Barents Sea this summer and found a bottle with a note. The note is in Norwegian, and it reads: “Hi, my name is Lisе, I am 10 and I live in Oslo. I am in the fourth grade. I like ice-cream and potato chips. My mom’s name is Ann Cathrin, my dad’s name is Morten. Love <3”

He decided to try to find Lise from Norway and is asking everyone on different social media channels to help by spreading the word.

– I was collecting various shells along the shore, I noticed a green bottle. At first I did not pay much attention to it, but when I came closer I saw that there was a letter. Without thinking twice, I took it out and learned through a friend it was in Norwegian, wrote the 15-year-old on

The letter was put in a green bottle, and the beverage was made in the end of December last year.

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