King Harald of Norway: Respect, Smile Each Other and Norway Is Still A Free Country

In his New Year’s speech, King Harald focused on how important it is to respect each other and Norway is still a country where we can freely express ourselves, think and believe.

He referred to Solomon’s proverb in the Bible: “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

-We can guard our heart by being friendly to each other. By conducting a respectful conversation despite disagreement. We also preserve it when we recognize a fellow diverse human being. For then we realize the most important thing: To be a human on earth, said he.

He also added a smile can make a difference to a person you meet on the street.

-Just your kind word can create a better everyday life for another person. Just your thoughtfulness can trigger new good act.

He noted that Norway is built on the ability to compromise, whether it is in the family, the schoolyard, at work or in politics.

-Being able to live well together despite differences and disagreements is perhaps one of the most important things to preserve. Both in our close relations, in Norway and in the world, King Harald said.

He pointed out that adults have a particular responsibility for the way they interact with each other. Children and young people learn from what adults do and say.

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