Hunger Strike to Stop Wind Turbines in Northwest Norway

Kari Thue starts hunger strike outside the Viken county municipality’s premises in Oslo to protest of the wind turbine construction on Haramsøy.

Wind power company Zephyr is behind the wind turbine developmnt on Haramsøyfjellet in Ålesund municipality. Viken County Municipality is the principal owner of Østfold Energi, which is the principal owner of Zephyr.

The development on the island has led to repeated demonstrations by the locals.

On Thursday, Viken county will discuss a citizens’ initiative with the demand that the county should use its ownership power to prevent the wind power plant being built on the island.

-I know that they can influence what happens on Haramsøy, says Kari Thue, who is prepared to sit there for a long time, writes NRK.

The county council leader in Viken, Tonje Brenna, understands the strong commitment on Haramsøya. But she rejects that the county council can intervene in the construction of the wind turbine.

The hunger strike will continue every day, as long as Vikens offices are open. When they close, Kari goes to the hotel where she lives, but she doesn’t eat there either.

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Norway has recently seen a boom in onshore wind power fueled by foreign investment, but future growth is at risk due to strong public opposition.

A recent survey showed 78 municipalities out of the 101 included in the 13 areas were against onshore wind power.

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