Coronavirus in Norway: 15 People Test Positive

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) reports that 15 people have been infected by coronavirus until now.

Eight new cases were confirmed on Saturday. Moreover several people who have recently come from Italy are now quarantined all over the country.

Three employees at UllevÄl Hospital have been diagnosed with the virus. A doctor at UllevÄl Hospital was diagnosed with Covid-19 after a holiday trip in northern Italy.

-We fully understand that symptoms are difficult to assess. But in the current situation, at least health care personnel need to be extra vigilant about respiratory symptoms after they travel to risky zones. It is always advisable for health professionals to stay home when they are ill, Berg says.

The first case of the virus was detected in TromsĂž on February 26. It was a woman who had recently been to China.

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