Corona Cases Tripled in Norway Capital: 81 New Corona Infections in Oslo Last Week

81 new corona infections were registered in Oslo last week, which is three times more than the previous week.

This is stated in the last week’s report from the Public Health Institute (FHI). A total of 112 new infected persons were reported in Norway last week. 75 per cent of all the new cases were in Oslo. Last week there were only two new corona admissions at Norwegian hospitals and one new admission to the intensive care unit.

Deputy Health Director Espen Rostrup Nakstad believes the cases are linked to individual events locally, where the sick have infected people in their immediate circle.

-It is difficult to say what is the cause. But this is a good example of what happens when you relax. If you do not stay at home when you are sick, and do not keep social distance, it will be possible to see it in the statistics, says he.

In Norway, the epidemic has so far taken a total of 239 lives.

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