Confiscated Christmas Cards and Banned Hats in Nazi Occupied Norway

During the Nazi occupation in the Second World War, there were a number of bans the Norwegian people had to follow. These prohibitions were implemented, among other things, to ensure that people should not influence each other to oppose the occupying power.

The Norwegian Santa (Nisse) with its red hat is a central figure in Norwegian culture. Walking with red hat during the war was therefore seen as a silent protest against the Nazi occupying power. It became a symbol of resistance. Many therefore let their children go with red Nisse hat to show that they were against the occupation.

On February 26, 1942, however, a ban on red hats and all items with those red hats was introduced. The hats were withdrawn and the criminal liability of children under 14 years was introduced for the parents. Also some Christmas cards with these nationalistic figures were banned.

Think your governments decide what color to wear. Enjoy your free Christmas with your beloved ones!

The Nordic Page team

Reference: NTBs krigsarkiv som beror i Riksarkivet

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