Bomb Threat against Rynair Flight to Norway

A 51-year-old British man has been arrested for the bomb threat against a Ryanair flight that landed at Oslo. The situation is under control and police have arrested the man on suspicion of being behind the threat, police said in a statement.

The Norwegian police have initiated an investigation of the case and will interrogate the Biritsh man.

Norwegian police and bomb squad mobilized earlier today for a bomb threat made against a Ryanair flight from London.

Danish fighter planes escorted the passenger planes to land at Gardermoen. The Norwegian police have sent the emergency squad and the bomb squad to Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

Avinor confirms that there is increased preparedness at the airport after a passenger plane from Ryanair has received a bomb threat. The plane came from London and has landed safely.

-All passengers have left the plane and are on their way to the terminal by bus, said press officer in Avinor Cathrine Framholt to NRK. According to the police, the situation is under control now.

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