BBC Documentary Features A Scandal about Norway’s Child Welfare Service

BBC’s Our World program broadcast an episode named Norway’s Silent Scandal. The program features a scandal about Norwegian Child Welfare Services (Barnevern).

Aired on Sun 5 Aug 2018, the program shed light on the recent story of a highly respected Norwegian child psychiatrist who was convicted of downloading thousands of images of child pornography.

The psychiatrist had been used as an expert, until his arrest in April this year, by Norway’s controversial child protection system and was involved in decisions about whether children should be removed from their parents, suggested the program.

Campaigners in Norway have long accused the system of removing children from their parents without justification and now, despite the serious nature of this man’s offence, the authorities are refusing to review the child protection cases he gave evidence in.

Our World program leader Tim Whewell has been to Norway to try to discover why child protection in one of the world’s wealthiest countries appears to be in crisis.