American ex-diplomat refuses to leave Norway

A former female US diplomat would be forcefully sent from Norway to the USA but the woman had to be put off the plane in the last minute, writes NRK.

The ex-diplomat applied for asylum in Norway last year, but Norwegian Immigration Directorate (UDI) rejected the application in the autumn. Just before the Christmas, the police attempted to send her to the United States for the first time. She refused to take a seat before takeoff. She also told the captain that her arm was broken as a result of physical abuse by two police officers who accompanied her. The captain informed one of the accompanying police officers and she was kicked out of the plane.

After she was taken to Trandum Police Immigration Unit, she went through doctor examination and the doctors concluded that she had not broken her arm or had any other serious injuries.

Yesterday, the woman was imprisoned for 14 days by Oslo District Court.

USA is not safe

The ex-diplomat started his career in 2004 and has represented the United States at a number of embassies around the world. After a short marriage and a divorce about five years ago, the problems started, according to NRK.

Her husband has taken the custody of their only child, and has taken the child abroad to attend a service. The woman took the case to the court several times – but lost. She claims the system is corrupt and that she has been monitored and threatened in her native country. That’s why she applied for asylum in Norway and strongly refused to be returned to the United States.

The woman reportedly worked extensively with women’s and children’s rights around the world.

The former diplomat is currently imprisoned, and claims that her asylum case is not taken seriously and properly followed by neither the Norwegian authorities nor the lawyer she has been appointed.

– Norwegians have good faith in the United States, but not everything is as it should be,” she says to NRK.

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